DIY keyboard

This is a simple Keyboard project made mostly due to a keycap set that needed a body to suit it. The write up is pretty basic as there really isnt much to say about it, its more of a looker

My friend gave me a mechanical keyboard with a torn-out port to repair, it was meant to be an evening job to service it, but I managed to fail horribly rendering the board unusable, but that gave me a pile of key switches I could use to make a new keyboard, which I did. Considering I don’t have access to a plasma cutter I had to do it entirely on the 3d printer and off the shelf components, and I wanted it done as cheaply as possible so I had to get creative with certain parts, the plate and case I printed myself, of course some structural integrity was lost but this being more of an aesthetic than a functional print that wasn’t a priority.

I already had really fancy rainbow keycaps coming from Massdrop so I decided to base my design around those, they are a full keyboard worth but the fact that there will be no metal in this thing I had to settle for a 60% keyboard design, I used the plate builder to make the plate STL which matches my cheap Chinese GH60 clone. God bless standard layouts as this was just a preset and it fit perfectly.

I printed a case which accommodates LED strips inside which will illuminate the translucent plastic, the clever thing was to print with additional base layers to get a thick side but with no top layer to make it hollow. Although I admit not bothering with designing some mounting was a terrible decision as the superglue really damaged the surface of the plastic, hence I will not redistribute the STLs as it’s just a bad design. You can also see the Gemma just chillin there as its so light and has so little mounting options its just sitting there.

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