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  • Design – turning an idea into design drawings with or without dimensions
  • Model – Turing a idea into a to scale 3d model you can print or implement into a game, most formats are supported
  • Manufacture – Turing design and model into a real product through FDM printing (0.2-0.4mm) and any extra parts needed (steel support, rubber protectors, bearings, electronics)
  • Finishing – painting with an airbrush, acrylic or enamel paint, all colours available, fade effects and such possible
  • Here you write down your vision, links to images are appreciated for me to get a better idea, also include here any other queries you may have

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    About Company

    Hazel-Inc is not a company, for now at least is a "brand" that is used as a frontend of my internet presence.

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    Here I host most of my CAD models which I produce

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